The Coffee Pedaler is a mobile bike cafe featuring a pour over bar. Also serving aeropress, cold brew, and seasonal drinks. No machine to stand behind, no flashing lights, just good solid technique, and delicious coffee. 

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Pour Over 

Hot water is poured over 20g of freshly ground coffee directly into your cup.

This technique allows control of each variable. Water temperature and flow are carefully controlled in the brewing process to properly extract flavors.

An excess of bitter taste is avoided, each cup is brewed to order, and you’ll be able to taste the nuanced flavors the roaster intended.



 As described by the creative people at Aeropress, “Rapid brew times yield rich, smooth-tasting coffee without bitterness." Using pressure the Aeropress makes a "fauxpresso" Though it isn't an espresso by definition it is very close in taste. This coffee making device is my favorite, approachable, delicious, and best of all in the coffee bike business, portable! 

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Cold brew

You have found a summer friend in cold brew! Tasty, refreshing, and easy drinking. It is brewed at room temperature and cooled. The cold brew I carry happens to be nitro (an up and coming trend in the coffee world) and citra hopped. It pours like a Guinness and drinks like a smooth frothy coffee.